Freeport McMoRan Resolution
5 May 2005


WHEREAS, we believe that transnational corporations operating in countries with repressive governments, ethnic conflict, weak rule of law, endemic corruption, or poor labor and environmental standards face serious risks to their reputation and share value if they are seen to be responsible for, or complicit in, human rights violations; and,

WHEREAS, Freeport McMoRan has extensive operations in West Papua in Indonesia; and

WHEREAS, there have been numerous reports of human rights abuses against the indigenous population by the Indonesian military in connection with security operations conducted on behalf of Freeport McMoran; and,

WHEREAS, in 2002 the company made payments of US$5.6 million to the Indonesian military and,

WHEREAS, in August 2002, several company employees, including two American contract workers and an Indonesian, were ambushed and killed near company property, and,

WHEREAS, a 2002 investigation by the Indonesian Police found that there was a strong possibility that this attack was perpetrated by the Indonesian National Army Force,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, shareholders urge management to review its policy concerning payments to the Indonesian military and security forces, with a particular reference to potential financial and reputational risks incurred by the company by these payments, and to report to shareholders by September 2005 on the findings of this review.

Since the mid-199Os, Freeport's relationship with the Indonesian military has led to tens of millions of dollars in corporate payments, including direct payments to the military, expenditures to defend the company from lawsuits brought by victims of human rights abuses by the Indonesian military, and in an out-of-court settlement with the survivors and family members of those killed in the 2002 attack.

The New York City Employees' Retirement System, New York City Teachers' Retirement System, the New York City Police Pension Fund, the New York City Fire Department Pension Fund, and the New York City Board of Education Retirement System, believe that it is time for the management to seriously review its policies in this area. Significant commercial advantages can accrue to our company by the rigorous implementation of human rights policies based upon the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. These
include: enhanced corporate reputation, improved employee recruitment and retention, improved community and stakeholder relations, and a reduced risk of adverse publicity, divestment campaigns, and lawsuits. We therefore urge you to vote FOR this proposal.