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Multiple Rallies plead to US hearings

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Calls for Referendum Action reportage 22-23 September 2010

West Papuan People's return to action in different regions of a main demand a referendum. Action demanded a referendum was conducted to coincide with the implementation of public hearing (public hearings) U.S. congressmen who raised the issue of West Papua on September 22, 2010 and also the launch of International Parliamentarians for West Papua (IPWP) in Scotland on 23 September 2010 yesterday.

Action in Port Numbay
In Port Numbay, thousands gathered in the garden tomb mass start at 09.00 am while doing waita (running spin) by singing the songs of creation of the Free Papua Black Brothers to 13.00 thousands of mass of the Abepura and Jayapura join the masses who thronged the Tomb ratuSeribuan Theys Request Referendum So Political Solution Papua san vehicles and dozens of truck mass. This action gets tight guard by 5 platoon members and 3 Police Jayapura Papua Police Mobile Brigade platoon member.

The action was coordinated by the National Committee of West Papua (KNPB) This lively, because all elements of society are given the opportunity to deliver speeches. Spokesman KNPB, Mako Tabuni said national action was carried out as popular demands for continued United Nations, the United States, the Netherlands and Indonesia is responsible for manipulative action performed in 1969 by holding a referendum for the people to determine their political choices in accordance with international mechanisms.

Action oration was marked by the raising of flags from various countries as a form of request for support for solving the problem of West Papua.

Buchtar Tabuni as the person in charge of national action that is now languishing in jail LP Abepura states that, action by the people of Papua in different regions as part of a mass consolidation and unification of mass energy towards a referendum of the people of Papua. We will continue to be responsible and mediate the demands of the referendum demanded by the people of West Papua so that Indonesia, the U.S. and the UN to account for their crimes against the people of West Papuan people through referendum as a democratic mechanism.

Action In Biak
Report Kumeser Biak News - 23 September 2010, About 700 people joined in Biak Papua in West Papua National Committee Byak Region (Region KNPB Byak) do demonstration to demand the referendum.

Period demonstrations that come from this Byak region penjuruh action The Tribal Council Hall Page Byak and action is in the form of political pulpit, where KNPB Byak as the agency responsible Region and organizers have set the stage for the community to perform oration-political oration.

The demonstration started at 10.00 to 14,000 Papua time. People who attended the political stage switch fill sili stage to give speeches, political speeches. Period demonstrators hoist or raise two flags are inscribed SOS place implementation of the action.

At the end of the Chairman of the Regional KNPB Byak submit submit political statement on behalf of the West Papuan Peoples Representative Council Byak Costan Rumabar to read. Costan Rumabar the statement said Lika - twists the lives of West Papuans in a historical frame NKRI full of mystery. Nation and ground water become casualties of the interests of Papua Economics, Politics and Power by the Netherlands, USA and Indonesia through the body UN. This long history has changed the understanding of the present generation of Papua easy to be able to determine the future of the nation of Papua an independent and sovereign over own land (Earth Cenderawasih). Thus we are all people of the Nation West Papua through the National Media Affairs, KNPB (Papua National Committee West) stated attitude to openly known by all Nations in the face of the earth.

Advanced Legislative Council Chairman said Byak Indigenous Declaration Under Contents UN Universal about the human rights on December 10, 1948 and Resolution UN No. 1541 of 1960, West Papuans have become a nation which independence and bedaulat and expressed as an Independent States on 1 december 1961. The deal the New York Agreement 15 August 1962 and the agreement Rome Agreement and the work contract of PT Freeport 1967 was flawed legal and moral because it does not involve representatives of the people of West Papua nation as the owner and heir to the land of Papua. Implementation is not 1969 carried out according to the contents of rules and procedures agreed upon in Rome Agreement and we are a nation that has the basic right to stand and sovereign over our ancestral lands (Land of Paradise) with the same other nations on earth. So on behalf of the Papua Nature, God's Nation of Papua, Ancestors of Papua, the people of West Papua nation and all the contents of the Earth Papua we hereby state the following:

  1. Demand that the United States, Holland, Indonesia and the United Nations immediately responsible for the extermination of Ras (genocide), which occurs in West Papuan nation a result of military inflation Repubulic Indonesia (RI) on 1962, perjajian Rome Agreement, perjajian NEW YORK 1962 Agreement and Cow, PT Freeport Indonesia in 1967 without the involvement of indigenous people papua as the owner and heir to the land of Papua.
  2. Fully supports Internatinol Parlement for West Papua (IPWP) & International lowyer for West Papua (ILWP) to sue status in 1969 with the aim to International Makama REFERENDUM west papua repeated for the nation as a solution to solving the problems in Papua.
  3. Support the International Declaration of Parlement for West Papua (IPWP) in the building Parlement Scotland on September 23rd European time.
  4. All components of the people of West Papua nation, say thanks to the government of the European Union, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Denmark, Japan, South Korea, South Africa, Australia, Britain and Saudi Arabia pemerinta especially Scotland, which is defending the rights of self-determination nasip (REFERENDUM) for the nation west papua.
  5. The people of West Papua nation very membuhtukan support International community in the National liberation struggle towards nation west papua free and sovereign.
  6. West Papuan people are expecting support or suarah attitude of the country - a sovereign State in the Annual Session of the UN in Geneva Date 24 September 2010.
  7. West Papua National Committee (KNPB) pleaded to support all the people of West Papua nation in order to prepare the agenda REFERENDUM for the people of West Papua from sliding to Merauke.
Action in Mimika

Papuan People's nation in the Mimika region held a thanksgiving worship at Ebenezer Church GKI Timika on Thursday 23 / 9. Hundreds of People of West Papua nation which in Kordinir by the National Committee of West Papua (KNPB) Mimika region present to express support and Saying thank you to the States supporting the Free Papua Movement at the Annual session of the UN through Worship Thanks be to God as the creator of man and of Papua.

Eucharistic worship is conducted with the theme: "Tears of the Son of Papua" and Sub-Theme: "Through this event our Celebration West Papuan people say Thank God and thank the supporters of the States of West Papua, the UN tried Annual 2010". Worship gratitude can run safely and smoothly in command of the National Committee of West Papua (KNPB).

Sermon delivered by Rev.. Waromi Moses spoke of God to the People of God who is present in worship is gratitude. In a sermon he asserted that "God is the shield of the people because God is never tired to listen to the crying child country of Papua". In the event of worship thanksgiving prayers were held also a chain that was delivered by most pastors from some of the dominance of the Church on earth Mimika, Papua.

On the occasion the Chairman KNPB Mimika District, Romario Yatipai deliver voice support for the international world that are supporting the nation of Papua annual UN prosecuted in the United States. Sound support has been given in the statement Politics West Papuan people.

Worship thanksgiving was held in a state that is safe and well. People who have attended worship can be repatriated to their home each in a state that is safe and well.

Action in Manado
Lambert Report Siep

Period gathered at As Kamasan v Manado. The masses were mobilized from Tondano, Tomohon, Kairagi and Manado. The mass of approximately 100 people from different elements and movement on the initiative. Period gather at 8:00 pm after a rehearsal that led gladik korlap period.

Then do worship together after the worship time at 8.30 to the first point on campus in front of the headquarters UNSRAT UNSRAT at 9:15 of each representative of some element of movement to political speech after speech at 11 days into the second spot on the statue's shoulders Bolivard Carrots Monggonsidi Manado period in escorted by police and traffic police sebanjak North Sulawesi Regional Police (3, complete with police truck as real) during walking with gel-gel, songs and political speeches until it arrives at the central point at 12 days lined up along the way and divide the leaflets and some elements organ make political speeches and inteljen that the detection sebanjak 15 people and journalists of print and electronic media locally and nationally that almost all of each 4 persons, members of the PMI 1 person, after the handing out leaflets beorasi period at 3:15 with the order to leave the place.

The masses demanded a referendum for the people of West Papua

Date 22-09-2010.
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
- Edmund Burke (1729-1797)