West Papua Information Kit

1969 Indonesia denies rockets used on tribesmen
1969 New Guinea's rebels not from the Stone Age
1969 Indonesia going on with Vote despite rebels
1969 UN Enovy looks at troubles
1969 Major problems ahead for Irian rulers
1969 Seized land returned
1969 Rebels being chased in Irian jungle
1969 Indonesia warns Tribesmen
1969 New West Irian trouble feared
1969 Irian rebellion puts Australia on spot
1969 Soldiers are hunting for natives
1969 On the fringe of tormented land
1969 UN Envoy sats W. Irian all calm
1969 Secrecy on West Irian
1969 Woundered native flees Papua from Indonesians
1969 Frontier alarm in Papua
1969 Jakarta force crossed border
1969 Papuan raid inquiry
1969 Irians seek UN "protection" force
1969 Indonesia says no troops crossed Frontier
1969 Search on Papua goes on
1969 U.N. unable to help
1969 Forgone Poll
1969 Secret war 'Slaughter' in W. Irian
1969 UN man expelled
1969 Bodies found
1969 Irianese shot in Papua
1969 Atrocity report
1969 W. Irianese shot
1969 Papuan asks if Canada will help
1969 Indonesian patrol "invaded" west Papua
1969 Australia meeting Indonesia
1969 Balancing policy
1969 Asylum, but "no politics"
1969 UN Man alleged by Indonesia
1969 Irian refugees a delicate problem
1969 UN envoy silent on murder plot report
1969 "Free choice" so long as you vote "yes"
1969 The hypocrites
1969 Army rules in West Irian
1969 Indonesian Trade officials invited to N.Z.
1969 Britain denies spying
1969 Many W Irian detainees have been freed
1969 New fighting in West Irian
1969 Strong opposition to Irian Vote
1969 First vote by Irians goes to Indonesia
1969 First West Irianese pick Indonesia future
1969 Soldiers in W Irian for voting
1969 Indonesia claims a triumph / Frace says paper
1969 Malik: "We win in West Irian"
1969 Offer to Irianese
1969 Support for Indonesia
1969 "Act of Free Choice"
1969 110 More votes for Indonesia
1969 By jingo - that's how Irian is won or wooed
1969 Last Choosing in West Irian
1969 Indonesian clubs end protest in West Irian
1969 Irian now part of Indonesia
1969 Irianese look to future
1969 Report for UN on Irian vote
1969 West Irian vote criticised as Put-up Job
1969 Troops leaving West Irian
1969 West Irian is granted autonomy
1969 Indonesia says Act was Final
1969 No straight vote for West Irian
1969 W. Irianese held in tight Grip
1969 UN hedging on W. Irian
1969 The Farce over West Irian is now compleed
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
- Edmund Burke (1729-1797)