West Papua Information Kit

US Ambassador letters 1968-1969

U.S. Telegram 1968 Feb
US Ambassador Green talks with Indonesian foreign minister Malik.
U.S. Telegram 1968 May
US Ambassador Green reveals Indonesian confusion over AFC
U.S. Airgram 1968 May
US Embassy report on trip to Papua, "Indonesia will not accept independence for West Irian and will not permit a plebiscite which would reach such an outcome"; "According to most missionaries, virtually the entire population of the developed areas should be counted as anti-Indonesian"
U.S. Telegram 1968 Aug
US Ambassador Green "Airgram indicates that attitude of Ortiz Sanz could create real problem for Government of Indonesia."
U.S. Telegram 1969 Jun 9
US deputy chief of mission Jack Lydman, "The ACt of Free Choice (AFC) in West Irian is unfolding like a Greek tragedy"
U.S. Airgram 1969 Jul 9
US Ambassador Galbraith, report about The Free Papua Movement (OPM)
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- Edmund Burke (1729-1797)