West Papua Information Kit



The Papuan people have been sovereign of their lands for thousands of years practicing advance farming, sea, and social skills. From 1860 Dutch missionaries peacefully introduced Dutch philosphies and sciences, from the 1930s Papuan teaching graduates discussed with Papuan communities Papua's need to form a single pan-Papuan government recognised by foreign powers. In 1961 West New Guinea held national elections and inaugurated their New Guinea Council on 5/April/1961.

In 1959 the American corporation Freeport Sulphur was told of West Papua's vast gold and copper wealth, in 1960 Freeport director Robert Lovett got his friend McGeorge Bundy appointed as the US National Security Adviser. By April 1961 Bundy's staff were outlining terms for the trading of West New Guinea as a Dutch colony to Indonesia. The US President was not told about West Papua's vast wealth which Freeport was intending to mine once the colony was administrated by a military power willing to license Papua's mineral wealth to Freeport. The United Nations wanting US help with a bond scheme for $200m became a colonial administrator from Oct/1962 to May/1963 when the United Nations traded West Papua to Indonesia.

West Papua has been an Indonesian colony in the Pacific since 1963, in violation of United Nations Resolution 1514 there has been no transfer of authority to the Papuan people and no act of Self-determination.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
- Edmund Burke (1729-1797)