West Papua Information Kit

West Papuan Rallies

1962 January 14
3,000 rally in Manokwari carrying Dutch and Morning Star flags alongside banners with anti-Indonesian slogans. John Ariks was loudly cheered when he attacked President Soekarno of Indonesia for his plan to take over and "liberate" the territory of West Papua.
1962 August 10
One of five rallies held in response to news of the New York Agreement.
1,000 people rally outside their New Guinea Council building in Hollandia. One of five rallies this week protesting the proposed New York Agreement carrying signs "Down with Soekarno", "We don't want Soekarno", "We are not merchandise" and "How many Yankee dollars for selling Papua?"
Marcus Kaisiepo, first deputy chairman of the elected New Guinea Council, proclaim "We Papuans will adhere to our rights whether we walk a good and quiet road or a stormy one. We will unite to show that our right cannot be taken from us and cannot be demanded by Indonesia."
The rally was orderly and there were no incidents. See news report
200 rally outside Jayapura residence of the United Nations special envoy Fernando Ortis Sanz calling for freedom of speech. It was the first time the world heard of any open protest against Indonesian authority since West Papua was declared a "quarantine territory" for media and visitors in September 1963.
1984 December 7
Demonstration outside Papua New Guinea embassy in Jakarta.
1996 July
Demonstrations by youths seeking civil service jobs for Papuans in Nabire, Paniai Regency.
1999 December 1
Indonesian troops fire on rally shooting at least 28 people near the Three Kings church in the town of Timika. John Rumbiak said the troops fired on people trying to protect the West Papua flag from being taken down. Earlier, Indonesian authorities allowed the Morning Star flag to be raised in towns across the province to mark the 38th anniversary of the declaration of the Free Papua State.
2000 December 1
Four students imprisoned for attending independence rallies outside Netherlands and United States embassies in Jakarta, eight months later are acquitted of rebellion, but found guilty of disturbing the public order.
2001 March
Musa Labot representing Moi people in Beraur sub-district declares the Moi anger threatening destruction of oil fields and logging operations which have been no benefit for the people for 38 years of Indonesian rule.
2001 March 28
The Autonomy Concept Seminar at Cenderawasih Sports Centre becomes rally with police actions causing death of Philipus Murib.
2001 October 13
Expatriate consultants Frenchman Sebastien Bole Besancon and German Pieter Hans Ingo are arrested in Sorong for defaming the Mayor, Jumame, and involvement in a rally.
2001 November 12
Theys Eluay's body is taken to the DPR building
2001 December 10
300 rally in front of the Timika DPR office protesting the Kopassus troop build-up.
2001 December 11
Several thousand students and youth march from Abepura to the Governorā€™s office in Jayapura protesting the lack of progress on solving Theys Eluay's murder, and to reject the Dec 22 visit by President Megawati.
2001 December 22
Indonesian police assault 700 student rallying in Jayapura against President Megawati visit, 42 students are arrested.
2004 December 17
Over 500 occupy Papuan Parliament building in Jayapura, organized by students, human rights and Church groups about the deteriorating situation in the highlands where Indonesian military is now launching a massive military operation that have resulted in dozens of civilians murders, more than 6000 displaced and left stranded as the military block humanitarian aid. Twenty three people, mostly children and women have already died from starvation.
Speakers said "unless the Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudoyono stops military operation in the highlands the West Papuan people will bar his visit to West Papua during the Christmas time".
2005 August 12
20,000 people rally to reject Autonomy Package, officially returning the corpse of the Autonomy Package to the Indonesian government. See full report
2006 March 1
Hundreds rally to demand closure of the Freeport-McMoran Copper & Gold Inc mines police and witnesses said on Tuesday. In Jakarta a hundred people enter a Freeport office building scuffling with anti-riot police, while rallies were also held in Jayapura and Timika, the nearest town to Freeport's Grasberg mine.
Kartono Wangsadisastra said "Yesterday, we had 700 protesters in Jayapura. Today, around 200 of them have showed up again to demand the closure of the Freeport mine while around 50 residents have erected tents in Timika to display their grievances", "They want other residents to join the rallies and we are guarding them. Everything is under control over here," he said. Antara news reported Papuan local councils have promised a discussion with the Jakarta government on the future of the controversial mine, located in Papua's snow-capped highlands.
2007 June 8
Hundreds of people rallied during U.N. envoy Hina Jilani asking the United Nations to press Jakarta to be honest about the 1969 "Act of Free Choice" and allegedly unanimous vote that Jakarta uses to justify its annexation of West Papua. International observers including U.N. monitors labeled the act a sham and a fraud, as do recently declassified U.S. and U.N. documents.
"We urge the United Nations to accept the Papuan people's aspiration to review the Act of Free Choice," rally organizer Jek Wanggai told AFP by phone. "The United Nations must register Papuan areas as colonized zones and organize an immediate referendum vote," Wanggai said. According to the AFP report, Wanggai said about 900 people took part in the rally in Manokwari, located 500 miles from the provincial capital Jayapura, where U.N. Special Representative Jilani was meeting with officials.
Wanggai called on her to meet representatives of his movement while in West Papua. "We no longer believe in the corrupt Indonesian justice system and hope an international court will deal with human rights violations in Papua," he said. Wanggai's comments and actions place him in danger. A senior Indonesian military official in West Papua who was indicted by the U.N.-supported Special Crimes Unit publicly threatened to "destroy" Papuans who spoke out for their rights, including political rights.
2008 March 3
A series of rallies calling for a referendum on Papuan self-determination took place on the same day in several main towns in Indonesian-occupied West Papua. Eighty students braved BRIMOB to hold a peaceful rally on the steps of the Papuan Peopleā's Assembly in Jayapura. One peloton of police were attempting to disperse students violently despite permission to hold peaceful rally, but students decided to close the rally to prevent violence. Six student leaders have been taken by police to POLRES Jayapura for interrogation, though all previous detainees have indicated they are ready to go back to gaol.
Jack Wainggai said the rallies were voicing Papuans' desire for a peaceful solution to the violence and poverty they live with, according to the report. He rejected Indonesia's "Special autonomy" law, and said: "The best solution is a referendum for West Papua".
Church leaders have been intimidated at a church conference by police and military personal in the highlands of West Papua.13 were arrested in Manokwari for carrying the West Papuan flag and although two were released, 11 are still in custody. There is concern for their safety.
2010 June 18
Photographs from another rally returning autonomy and asking for independence from Indonesia.
2010 September 22-23
Multiple Rallies plead to US hearings Google translation of report about rallies.
2010 September 23
Rally in support of US Congress hearing about abuse in West Papua, and support of an International Parliamentarians for West Papua in Scotland.
2010 September 24
Protest at US Embassy, Jakarta.
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