West Papua Information Kit

Who Bit My Border?
Below a Mountain of Wealth, a River of Waste
Video offers window on rights abuses in Indonesia province
Thousands Rally to Press for Independence From Indonesia
Anger greets jailing of West Papua activists
Everyone profits from West Papua, except for Papuans
villages burning in west papua highlands after indonesian military sweeping operations
Deadly Political Violence in Indonesian Province
An Indonesian War of 'Unknown Persons'
In Indonesia, the battleground has shifted
An Island?s Other Fear ? a Tsunami of Civilization
Formerly Outlaws, Now Artists of Renown
Indonesian generals tell of gold miner 'support'
Germany, Congo, Darfur, Rwanda
What about all the other Kosovos?
Another Separatist Group in Indonesia Asserts Independence
Mystery Surrounds Deadly Ambush of Americans in Indonesia
journey in a motorized outrigger from the northern shore of West Papua Province to a reef in North Australia
Friday Is 'Independence Day' / Huge Copper Mine as Hostage?: In Irian Jaya, Indonesia Faces Yet Another Violent Insurgency
Indonesia's Peoples Fight to Gain Justice
Peoples of Indonesia Regarding the report "Indonesia to Step Up Military Ties With U.S."
Savage Dawn for the 'Morning Star'?
Delegates Issue Independence Call for Irian Jaya
Theys Eluay Mystery in Jungle of Papua
On HIV and AIDS: Six assessments about where we go from here
Separatist Groups Batter Indonesia on Many Fronts
7 Convicted in Assassination of Papuan Separatist Leader
Fighting leaves 5 dead in Indonesia
Army says units aided by U.S. firm
West Papua Headlines
AWPA update. - A snapshot of events -West Papua
Time to take a stand on West Papua
A Special 50th Anniversary in West Papua
Academic Condemns Lack Of Nz Coverage Of West Papua Crisis
A snapshot of events in West Papua during April
West Papua:What Do We Know About How Much Freeport Produces?
Songs and freedom in West Papua
West Papua: Freedom protesters challenge ?blind eye? of West
Indonesia backs Palestine at UN, what about West Papua?
David Cameron's 'arms sales trip to Asia' condemned by CAAT
Teenager nominated for human rights reporting award
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
- Edmund Burke (1729-1797)