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General Assembly Resolution 448

448 (V). Development of self-government in Non-Self-Governing Territories

 The General Assembly,
 Considering that resolution 222 (III) adopted by the General Assembly on 3 November 1948, while welcoming any development of self-government in Non-Self-Governing Territories, considers that it is essential that the United Nations be informed of any change in the constitutional position and status of any such Territory as a result of which the responsible government concerned thinks it unnecessary to transmit information in respect of that Territory under Article 73 e of the Charter,
 Noting the communication14 dated 29 June 1950 from the Government of the Netherlands will no longer present a report pursuant to Article 73 e on Indonesia with the exception of West New Guinea,
 Noting that the full independence of the Republic of Indonesia has been followed by the admission of that State to membership in the United Nations,
 1. Takes note with satisfaction of the communication of the Government of the Netherlands with reference to the cessation of information on Indonesia;
 2. Requests the Special Committee on Information transmitted under Article 73 e of the Charter to examine such information as may be transmitted in future to the Secretary-General in pursuance of General Assembly resolution 222 (III), and to report thereon to the General Assembly.

320th plenary meeting,
12 December 1950.

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