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by giving you information with which to end the colonial rape of a beloved nation.


What's happening

Against objections by the West Papuan people, our governments at the United Nations voted in 1962 to occupy and give the Indonesian military access to the western half of New Guinea (West Papua).

Indonesia and its military in the 1960s and 1970s pushed the technology of the nation of West Papua back to the stone age, and for 55 years has isolated and terrorised the people of West Papua with imprisonment , murder , torture , and censorship of their communications and education.

In defence of human decency please speak against the terror, intimidation, and murder of the West Papuan people.


Dirty Money

BP , Freeport McMoRan (), Korindo , and other foreign corporations including hundreds of Indonesian military concessions are looting West Papua; looting being the act of plunder during a time of war or military occupation.

Represented in America by usindo.org, these corporations want our governments to continue being complicit in murder and looting just as in East Timor from 1975-1999 and in West Papua since 1963.

Looting gold and copper Looting LNG Free felling the rainforest

How has this happen?

Indonesian deception & corruption of the US gov't and then of the United Nations in and since 1962, and Since 1945 Indonesia (Islamic, Asian) has made demands to occupy West Papua (West New Guinea, Melanesian, Christian), all of Indonesia's military incursions were defeated by the Papuan people, Indonesia refused to present its claim to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and instead asked the General Assembly to unilaterally decide and impose its decission as West Papua's fate which the Assembly repeatedly refused during the 1950s. But in 1958 Indonesia captured a CIA pilot and began blackmailing America for help in gaining access to West Papua.

In 1962 the US forced the Netherlands to sign an agreement asking the United Nations to occupy West Papua... a trusteeship arrangement. Normally UN trusteeship is good but this was a "special United Nations trusteeship" for the illegal purpose in-effect of trading West Papua's "sovereignty" to Indonesia.

A honest UN Secretary General had been killed in 1961 and replaced by an apparent puppet (U Thant) who illegally with-held the issue of the UN occupation from the agenda of the Trusteeship Council which has allowed Indonesia and its business partners (usindo.org) to get away with murder and looting without the UN being told or reminded that it is responsible for West Papua's occupation for the past 55 years.

West Papua legally became an United Nations trust territory when our governments on 21/Sept/1962 approved a Dutch document asking the UN to both occupy and assume responsibility for "the interests and welfare of the people of the territory of West New Guinea". But because neither the Trusteeship Council nor the International Court of Justice (ICJ) have yet added the name of the territory to their list of known UN Trust Territories, Indonesia and other nations have enjoyed freedom to loot, kill, and terrorise the people of West Papua without UN being told about these illegal actions. The suffering of West Papua will continue so long as as neither the UN Secretary General nor any UN nation places the issue of West Papua (General Assembly resolution 1752) on the agenda of the Trusteeship Council as has been legally required since September 1962.

Indonesia blackmailed America and western governments with threats of becoming a communist State unless our governments voted in 1962 to sacrificed the people of West Papua to Indonesia's colonial ambitions. The most corrupt corporations (members of USindo.org) have joined Indonesia in profiteering from this colonial occupation which most governments are too embarrassed to admit exists. Hundreds of thousands have been murdered since our United Nations invited Indonesia to occupy this Pacific nation in 1963 despite West Papua's lawful objections.

Indonesia had captured CIA pilot Allan Pope and his bundle of CIA documents in 1958 but it appears that it was only after America's most powerful banker the Cold-war and CIA architect Robert Abercrombie Lovett became partners with the Rockefellers via their joint Freeport mining company scheme to mine West Papua's vast gold & copper wealth, that the US created a secret illegal scheme for getting the Indonesian military into West Papua.


Location & history

West Papua is larger than Japan or German, 50% larger than Texas, containing some 420,000 km2 of the world's most vital tropical rainforests, moutains, and wetlands.

Papua also known as New Guinea is the world's second largest island, it is on the northern edge of the continental plate slowly moving north and being lifted up. Papua and the Australian continent were colonised by Melanesian ancestors over fifty thousand years ago, later Asian and European incursions failed in West Papua until a Dutch presence was premitted in the mid 19th century.

In 1895 a European agreement alleged West Papua was a Dutch territory, in 1935 Holland gave a West Papua exploration license to a company that the Rockefeller family purchased a 60% interest in and which in 1936 illegally with-held news of the world's largest gold & copper deposits being found in West Papua.

The Rockefellers could not risk asking for a Dutch or Papuan mining license which could be voided if evidence of the 1936 deception was discoved. Therefore to gain a secure mining license the Rockefeller and their Freeport partner (cold-war banker and bonesman Robert Lovett) had fiscal motive to help the rise of the Indonesia military and the Indonesian blackmail of the US government.


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West Papua in English refers to the western half of Papua, but in an apparant attempt to both divide the Papuan people and to confuse the outside world with the names, Indonesia in 2007 imposed political divisions it calls the Province of West Papua (Papua Barat), and the Province of Papua.

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